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We're teaming up with Festival Fresco!


Join us on the 16th and 17th of May 2020 for a series of online concerts on YouTube hosted by Festival Fresco. Music Fest musician Vanessa White is one of the artistic directors and the concerts will also feature many much loved music fest musicians including: Lizzie Elliott (cello), Marino Capulli (violin), Anna Steirud (flute), Alice Flannery (violin), James Flannery (viola) and of course, Melanie Reinhard (piano) and Christopher and Vanessa White (violin). 

To find out what's on and the timings: 

There is also a fundraising page to help support the festival. Proceeds will go to the musicians which is very much needed at this time of uncertainty.

To donate: 

For more information visit the Festival Fresco website at www.festivalfresco.com.

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